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"Reaper" T-shirt

"Reaper" T-shirt

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This Y2K T-shirt boasts a larger fit than usual, ensuring maximum comfort. Crafted from high-quality cotton, it features a unique skull print, making it a standout piece in any wardrobe. Perfect for both men and women, this Gothic-inspired top is a must-have for streetwear enthusiasts.

Size Table:
- S:
  - Shoulder: 40cm
  - Bust: 88cm
  - Length: 64cm
  - Sleeve: 21cm
- M:
  - Shoulder: 42cm
  - Bust: 92cm
  - Length: 66cm
  - Sleeve: 22cm
- L:
  - Shoulder: 43cm
  - Bust: 96cm
  - Length: 68cm
  - Sleeve: 22cm
- XL:
  - Shoulder: 45cm
  - Bust: 100cm
  - Length: 70cm
  - Sleeve: 23cm
- 2XL:
  - Shoulder: 46cm
  - Bust: 104cm
  - Length: 72cm
  - Sleeve: 23cm
- 3XL:
  - Shoulder: 48cm
  - Bust: 108cm
  - Length: 74cm
  - Sleeve: 24cm
- 4XL:
  - Shoulder: 49cm
  - Bust: 112cm
  - Length: 76cm
  - Sleeve: 24cm

Recommended Reference Size:
- S: Height: 150-155cm, Weight: 35-42.5kg
- M: Height: 155-160cm, Weight: 40-47.5kg
- L:Height: 165-165cm, Weight: 45-57.5kg
- XL: Height: 165-170cm, Weight: 55-65kg
- XL: Height: 170-175cm, Weight: 62.5-72.5kg
- 3X* Height: 175-180cm, Weight: 70-82.5kg
- 4XL: Height: 175-190cm, Weight: 82.5-100kg

Note: The decal on the chest of the product picture is a fixed size, the decal will not become larger as the size of the clothes increases.

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